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Topics covered in this blog..

1. Large window designs and their benefits

2. Material used to make windows

3. Shapes of windows

In this blog I am going to discuss and show you some of the most attractive modern window designs designs and styles for your house. Choosing the right style and shape of window is very important. Because window design can easily enhance the look of your house. If you keep window small size then there will be so many issues like ventilation problem, because in hot summer time when you need the flow of air, small windows will provide less air low. The second drawback is it will make your space look small. 

Importance, Benefits of Having Larger Windows

If you keep window size bigger you will get many benefits such as open concept, lots of sun light and lots of healthy air. So when you are building your home, please remember to select good size and best shape window design. When you have visitors coming to your house they will be very happy to see at the large windows which will make you proud of your property. 

Anther very good benefit of larger windows is that when you have power shutdown, it will not affect the light inside and will not feel that you are in some kind of dark room. As soon as you open the window you will get lots of sunlight which will make your room brighter and you can save money on your electricity bill for sure.

Another very important benefit of larger windows is that if by chance your house catches fire then with the help of larger windows, the toxic smoke can easily go out of your place which can save life in an emergency situation. In this situation imagine if you have very small windows, most of the smoke can be trapped inside the room and suffocation can happen, which can lead to the casualties.

So keeping all these very important points, I will recommend you to go for larger window size, you can choose the different shape as you like, which is your choice. Choose the style or design which will suite to your personality and which will make you more happy, because you and your lovely family is going to live inside for many years to come.

Most Common Material used to make windows

Now if we look at the material used for the windows, the most common material is metal such as aluminium. Aluminium is very popular choice for windows because it is light weight and easy to work. Also it will look more stylish and attractive. The second material which is very commonly used is the wood. Wood is available easily, wood was used for many generations to make windows and doors. 

But now a days there are many restrictions on tree cutting due to the government regulations to protect our mother nature. It is also our duty to protect our nature. If you really like the wooden window style then look for the wood which is used from the dead plant or approved wood cutting agency. 

Stainless steel is also another material which is becoming popular now a days to make windows. Steel is expensive compared to aluminium and wood, but it has it's own look and style.

Most Common Window Shapes

Now if we talk about the shapes of windows, they are available in different shapes and sizes. The most common window shape is rectangle. Rectangle windows look very beautiful and attractive. The another common shape is square. The third shape is arch shape which is very classic and eye catching. Arch shape will make your house look more expensive and stylish.


In this blog I have shown you some of the best and most popular window designs, I am sure that this information here will definitely help you to choose the ideal window design for your dream house.

I wish you all the best and good luck to your dream project. Also I expect for your next visit very soon. If you like my blog then please share it with your friends so they can also get benefit from it.

If you need any help, advice or suggestions, then please feel free to contact us, we will be more than happy to provide our feedback. 

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