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In this blog we are going to discuss about some of the best main gates designs, styles for your house. I am 100 % sure that this information here will help you to choose the correct type of entry gate design for your beautiful house. Choosing the correct type of entry gate can be challenging because in the market there are many types of gates are available, which can be confusing. Every house needs main entry gate for privacy and security reasons. In this topic we will discuss about main gate designs, types and the most common material used to make gate. We will also talk abut the price, so you will get better ideas for final selection.

Tips for selecting main gate:

As I said above choosing the correct type of main gate is very important because it is costly and can be difficult to replace later. While choosing the main gate first thing you have consider is your need. Do you need light weight main gate or heavy weight main gate. My suggestion is to go for light weight design because it has long life and easy to handle. If you decides to go for heavy weight main gate then there can be few issues later such as they can bend easily because of their weight and hard to operate. Because of the heavy weight the gate structure will be unequal and can look bad for your house.

Also while choosing the main gate the key point is to focus on the type of material used and how costly it is, we will discuss this in the later part below. 

Why your house needs a main gate:

There are many important reason that every house must have main gate. The first reason is the security, the main gate will protect your house from the unwanted intruder and will keep your property safe. The second reason is that you will have your own privacy. The third reason is it will enhance the look and beauty of your house. So these are the three main reason that every house must have main entry date.

Most Common Material used to make gates:

The most common material used to make gates is iron, steel, aluminium and wood. All these materials have it's own properties and strengths. If you use iron it is strong and very heavy, but the problem with iron it will get corrosion very easily, you will need to paint it always. If you use aluminium then it's a best choice because aluminium is strong, durable and long lasting metal. Also it is resistant to the corrosion. If you use steel this is a costly metal, but it has the most beautiful look, also it is heavy and strong. The final option is the wood, wood is easily available, but you will need to choose the best quality wood, otherwise it can decompose easily in open environment.

Types Of Main Gates Designs:

Now we will talk about the most common types of main gate designs available in the market.

There are many different styles and types of main gate designs available in the market.

1. Swing Gate: Swing gate designs are the most common type used by the people. The main reason is that they are easy to install and operate. They are usually divided into two equal parts for easy operation. If the entry area is small then you can select only one panel.

2. The Sliding gate: Sliding gate is also a very popular choice for many people now a days. Because sliding gates are very easy to operate and the most important benefit is that they will save lot of space. Sliding gates moves parallel to the compound wall and they don't need wide area to open.

3. Folding gate: The folding gates are also a very popular choice because they can squeeze into a very small space so you will get more space for entry and exit.

4. Automatic Gates: Now a days many people prefer to install automatic opening gates, because they are very convenient to handle, you can open this type of gate just by sitting inside your car and they will automatically closes when the car passes. The only this is that this type of gates need electricity, which will cost you some extra money. 

Steel Main Gates Designs Ideas:

If you are looking at the option of Stainless steel gates which are durable and come in all grades of steel. The high-quality material is used for making stainless steel main gates so that they provide greater safety and security. They can be used with wooden planks as well. The laser cutting design makes it a very beautiful option. Modern steel gate design also come in a wide range, and you find different styles that come in various price range. 

Iron Main Gates Designs Tips:

Iron gates too are preferred for its durability and its low maintenance cost. They are also affordable and can be installed easily in any environment. They are strong and also resistant to all kinds of weather. Besides, it also comes in various attractive designs and is preferred for its versatility. Have a look at few attractive wrought iron main gate designs above.

Light Weight Aluminum Main Gate Designs for Your House:

Aluminium gates are getting more popular because they are light weight and durable. Also aluminium is very soft metal that may be formed into beautiful shapes. Despite its delicate appearance, the material is quite robust and difficult to damage.


I hope this information will help you to choose the correct style of main gate design for your property. While there are various types of gates available, choosing the right one for your house can be a daunting task. However, it’s important to keep in mind the purpose of the gate and the message you want it to send to your guests. With that said, we hope you found this article helpful and that you’ll be able to find the perfect gate for your home!

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