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Welcome to Shilpa's Home Decor Ideas. In this article I have presented a 40' X 40' commercial building plan. If you are planning to build a commercial building, then you can check this plan. This is a G+2 story plan, designed for the commercial purpose. You can easily accommodate different business such as Mobile shop, Clothing shop, Computer shop etc. You can use it for various other purposes as you like.

Before you start the construction, there are various important points that you must take care, all those points are discussed in my previous plan for 20' X 40' house plan, please read it. 

Planning for your construction is very important you need to find best and cheap source for the raw materials. Please don't do construction in rush, because your building need time to settle to get enough strength. Make sure that you have given enough water to your walls and roof, shortage of water can make your building weaker.

Construction Time:

The commercial building which is 40' X 40' of G+2 story can take around 4 - 5 months time with proper care. 

Cost of this project:

The average cost of this type of commercial building in India is around 60 - 80 lakh rupees plus the land price including the labor cost. This cost can slight change depending on your location and the cost of the material. 

Ground Floor Plan: In the above picture you will see the ground floor plan of this commercial building. I have presented a west side facing plan, but you can build this plan as per the layout of your plot. On the right side I have given staircase for this building. In the middle you will get open area which is 28' X 20' size, you can use this area for the vehicle parking use or you and your employees. 

There is one shop on the left side which is 15' X 16' size followed by three storage rooms as you can see, you can rent these rooms as individual office purpose or use them as your storage rooms. 

There is also a toilet on the ground floor just behind the staircase, which is very useful and necessary.
First Floor Plan: The first floor plan I have kept it open concept and it's a huge space for large business such as clothing shop. But this space can be used for many other purposes such as gym, bank or classes. There are lots of windows so you will get good sunlight and fresh air. There is also a washroom on this floor as well.

Second Floor Plan: The second floor plan I have divided into two separate sections for more profit. The right side shop is large which is 20' X 40' size and has it's own washroom. The left side is little small which is 16' X 20' size and it also has it's own washroom.

Conclusion: This a 40' X 40' commercial building plan. If you like this plan then please share it with your friends. I hope this plan will help you to build your commercial building properly. Thank you for your visit. I will look forward to meet you on the next article for home decoration project.

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