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Welcome to Shilpa's Home Decor Ideas. In this article I have presented a very beautiful and attractive 20 X 40 feel house plan. Building your dream home is a great achievement, I know you have worked hard to build your dream home for your family. If you are planning to build your dream house and you have small space available then this house plan will definitely help you. This is a ground floor plan, but if you want you can build same plan for your second floor as well, there is not a problem at all, it's your choice. This a two bedroom ground floor plan, this plan is selected by many house owners and everyone like this house plan.

I have presented this house plan considering that it is east facing, but you can build this house as per the layout of your plot. 


First I want to discuss with you some of the very important points before you start your construction, because if you don't plan properly at the beginning then you will face some issue later and then it will be too late and costly.

RAW MATERIALS: First thing before you start your house construction, check for the raw material availability, please make sure that all the key raw materials are available in near by area, such as bricks, cement, metal etc. If these raw material are not available within 20 km range then it will increase your cost for raw materials because it will increase the cost of transport. Also if possible please buy in bulk quantity, discuss with your engineer that how much raw materials will be required, based on the estimate you can purchase in bulk quantity, this will save lot of money for your house cost. Because later there may be shortage of material or price increase. If you are getting good deal then go for it.

QUALITY OF THE MATERIALS: Another point please make sure that the material quality is good, don't buy low quality or cheap material to save some money, because this will reduce the life of your house and it will give many problems in short time.

CONTRACTOR: Now it's time to decide the contractor, this is also a very important point in your house cost, there are many contractors available in the market with variable cost. Don't choose the sub contractor, because what will happen he will hire another contractor to build your house so it will increase the labor cost of your house. So try to deal with the direct contractor so you don't have to pay extra amount.

CITY PERMISSION: Make sure that you have city or local permission to build your house, lot of people will build their house first and then apply for the permission, which is not a good idea, because if any issue happen then it will cost you some extra fine.

Once you have construction permission in your hand then you will be more confident to build your house.

All the above points are very important for the planning of your house.


Now let's discuss about this 20 X 40 house plan. The front width area of this house plan is 20 feet and the length is 40 feet. First at the entrance you will get 9.5" X 6' open space. This space you can use to park your medium or small size car. If you don't have car then you can use this space for many other outdoor activities or kids can play in this area, so it's a very useful space.

On the left side of this open space you will have your stairs, these are standard size stairs around 3.5" width, which is a standard size for stairs. We have kept these stairs outside because it will give much better front elevation design for your house. If you select stairs from inside of middle of your house plan then it will not give better look. But it's your choice you can select the floor plan with indoor stairs as you like.

Just in front of the open area in the middle you will get your main entry door, once you enter, it will be your hall area. The hall area is around 12 X 9.5" this is a very good size for a hall, you can easily arrange couple of sofas and coffee table to sit, the visitors can sit in this area. Also you can enjoy watching TV in this hall area.

Now next to the hall area on right side you will get your kitchen area it will be 6.2" X 9.8", some people prefer to have kitchen on the south side so you can shift your kitchen to south and hall area to north side as you like, this is a simple change.

Next to the kitchen area you will get your dining area which is 6.2" X 10' and next to the dining area will get your first bedroom. This bedroom is 8.8" X 10' size, so it's a good size bedroom, you can use this bedroom for your kids or parents.     

Now moving forward on the north side you will get two standard size washrooms which are 6.2" X 5.10" size. The first washroom have entry from the dining area and the second washroom have entry from the master bedroom. If you like both door on the same side then you can make this change.

Next to the toilet on the north side you will have your master bedroom, this is 12' X 12' size master bedroom. You will be attached washroom for this master bedroom, which is very convenient.

There are enough windows for this house plan, make sure that the window size is large enough, because large windows will make your house look spacious and bright. You will get lot of fresh air and lots of sun light. If you keep your windows small then your house will look compact and dark, so keep window size large as much as possible.


The average construction cost of this type of building in India is around 8 - 12 lakh rupees plus the land price. This price can slightly change depending on your location, labor cost and material cost. 


This is a 20 X 40 feet ground floor house plan. If you like this plan then please share it with your friends. I hope this article will help you to plan for your house and have provided you some important tips to plan your house construction properly.

Thanks for your visit, I will look forward to meet with you on the next important topic on the home decor ideas. I wish you all the best and good luck to your project. 

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