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In this blog I am going to discuss about the latest Pooja room designs and styles for your house. I know you are excited to find the ideal style of Pooja room for your house. The pooja room is the most relaxing corner of the house as it helps people to forget about all their worries and problems.

Now a days in every Indian house you will find a nicely decorated pooja room place. Having a pooja room in your house is very important for your mind, as it give us a calmness and happiness in our daily life. We all need to thank God for our good health, happiness and prosperity. Sometimes visiting to a nearby temple is not possible everyday. When you get tired you will have your own pooja room for worship at your home. 


In the market there is wide range of material available to build your dream pooja room for example steel panels, wood panels, PVC panels or metal panels and laminated wood panels.

You can select the type of material which you like and execute your project. If you are busy and don't have enough time then you can hire a professional to build your pooja room or your can buy a ready made pooja room and just install it in your house where you like the most. So there are many options available for you to select your pooja room.

Pooja room looks really beautiful when you light a candle and when you add more lights in the room it makes it look ultra-radiant. You can add some warm glow in your pooja room to make it look brighter and calm. Add some back panels on the ceiling or on the walls. This will make your pooja room look unique and you will also feel calm and at peace. 

2. Pooja Room Design Tips

Now lets discuss about the pooja room designs, in the market you will find that there are many designs are available. You have to select the design which suite to your house. If you have larger space available then you can select the bigger design with some nice decorations. But if you have a small space then you have to think which design is most ideal for your space.

As we all know that a pooja room usually has many metal accessories such as plates, bells, and brass lamps. Therefore, decorating the room with some metallic colors can enhance the look. 

3. New False Ceiling Designs for your Pooja Room

A false ceiling can make any room look extremely delightful. Adding a false ceiling in your pooja ghar will uplift the look. You can add a simple chandelier on top with mini bulbs fitted inside which will turn your beautiful pooja room no less than the real temple. You won’t be able to ignore the mesmerizing effect. 

4. Best Wall colors of your pooja room

Now lets talk about the color patterns for your pooja room. You can use the bright colors for the pooja room walls or a combinations for two or three color schemes as per your choice.

Many people prefer to have only one color, but it dosen't give a perfect look to your pooja room, so select minimum 2 colors for your pooja room. 

5. Lighting in Pooja Room

Now the most important part in the pooja room is the decoration, specially the lighting part. Decorating your pooja room with the proper selection of lighting can enhance the look of your pooja room. There are many options available in the market to select lighting from simple to modern LED lighting. So select the lighting which you like the most. 

I hope the information and the designs provided in this blog will help you select the best pooja room design for your house. If you like this bog then please share it with your friends. I wish you all the best and good luck for your pooja room selection.

Thank you so much for your visit, see you again ! 

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