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Today I am going to discuss how you can make your own DIY garden planter for free from the wood pallets. This is the most easy way to build your own garden planters for free all you need is wood pallets and some free time to make these garden planters.

If you are garden lover then this article will definitely help you to make your own planter in just a few hours.

Home garden is very important for the better look of your house. Home garden has many benefits such as it will keep your mood happy and you will be always active which is very important for your health. 

So if you make your own home garden planters you can save lots of money on your garden project. In this article I will explain to you how easily you can make DIY garden planters.

Common Shapes of garden planters :

You can built garden planters of any shape that you like. The most common shapes for garden bed are square, rectangular, U-Shape. These are the most common three shapes that you will find in any garden in your area.

First Step: In order to make your own garden planters you will need wood, you can get free wood pallets from any shipping and receiving company in your area. Wood pallets are easily available in cities but might be little difficult to find them in small town or village. Once you found the required amount of wood pallets then the next steps become very easy.

Second Step: The second step is little hard because you will need to remove all the pieces of wood from the wood pallets, that is dismantling wood pallets. This step needs some patience and little hard work. You can take help of someone in your family who is strong and can easily handle this step. Once all the pieces are separated and sort out as per their lengths then the job becomes very easy and lots of fun. 

Third Step: Now the third step is easy and fun part. In this step you will need to design the structure of garden planter as per your garden need and the available space. You can choose either square style, rectangular style or any other shape that you like.

Once you decided the design and the shape of your garden planter then it's just a matter of cutting your wood pieces as per the required measurements. Once all the wood pieces are ready then the fourth step is very easy.

Fourth Step: The fourth step is putting these pieces all together as per the planned design. Slowly and steadily you will see that your garden planner has started taking it's final shape and getting ready for your home garden project.

Fifth Step: The fifth step is filling your garden bed. This is a very important and crucial step in getting your garden bed ready. To fill your garden bed easily and quickly you can use tree branches, cardboard or leaves. If available then you can use mulch. This type of materials are easily available. Once you use these three material at the beginning then you can use one layer of soil and then at the top you can use final layer of compost. Now your garden bed is ready for gardening and you can enjoy it for many years.

Sixth Step: The final step is you need to plant your favorite plants. You can use this DIY garden planters for flower garden or vegetable garden to grow healthy, delicious and organic vegetable for your family.

This was a short article buy very useful for those peoples who likes to do gardening at home. I hope you like this idea, if you like it then please share it with your friends. 

Thank you !

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