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Today I have selected an very important topic which is not just important for your home decoration but also highly important for our health as well. Today I am going to discuss about the indoor garden ideas and it's importance for our health.

Indoor gardening is getting very popularity because indoor garden plays important role in keeping our mood fresh, happy and energetic. Indoor garden also plays an important part to enhance the look of your house. In the modern era many home owners prefer to have their own indoor plans and garden so they can get benefits from it such as fresh air quality.

There are many indoor plants which are highly important for your daily health. Many indoor plants removes toxic chemicals from the air and provide fresh oxygen in your room. So it is very important to have indoor plants in every house.

In this article we will discuss about some of the important points below. I hope that this article will help you to provide some important knowledge about the indoor garden and their benefits.

1. Importance of Indoor garden

2. Which plants are best for indoor garden

3. Ideal place for indoor garden

4. How to arrange indoor plants

5. When is the best time for indoor garden

6. What is the lifespan of Indoor plants

7. Do indoor plants need reporting

8. How to care for indoor garden

9. Conclusion

1. Importance of Indoor garden :

There are many important benefits of having indoor garden in your house. It will enhance the look of your house. It will provide you fresh oxygen and removes harmful toxins from the air. It will also keep your mood happy and fresh. Indoor garden will keep you busy and make you creative. It will also increase your awareness about how to care for our nature and the plants around us. This will also help you to get more knowledge about the plants and their survival needs.

So there are many benefits of the indoor garden and you must have your own garden in the space available in your house.

2. Which plants are best for indoor garden

There are many indoor plans available in the market to choose. Here is the list of  some of the best and most common indoor plants.

a. Z-Z Plant

b. Aloe Vera plant

c. Money plant

d. English ivy

e. Rubber plant

f. Areca palm plant

g. Holy Basil or Tulsi plant

h. Bonsai Plant

i. Snake plant

3. Ideal place for indoor garden :

The best place for indoor garden is next to windows where you can get lots of necessary light for your plants to grow more. Some plants need direct sunlight to grow where as some plants don't need direct sunlight. If you have balcony then it's a good place for your home garden.

4. How to arrange indoor plants :

Now there are many ways you can arrange your indoor plants. You can use plant stands or planters to grow your plants. The modern ideas are excellent to save your space. You can also use hanging planters for modern look and space saving purpose.

5. When is the best time for indoor garden :

If you are a beginner then the best time to start your indoor garden in the beginning of the summer, because your plants will go faster and settle for the winter time.

6. What is the lifespan of Indoor plants :

The lifespan of the indoor plants is depends on the type of plant and it's care. On an average indoor plants can survive between two to five years if proper care taken.

7. Do indoor plants need reporting :

Yes absolutely, re-potting of the indoor plants is very crucial for the life of the plants. The re-potting provide fresh soil and nutrients that needed to the plant for growing. Re-potting will increase the life of the indoor plants. You must do re-potting after every 4-6 months. 

8. How to care for indoor garden :

Taking care of your indoor plants is very important for the long term benefits. You will need to make sure that your plants are getting necessary nutrients, water and sunlight to grow.

Some plants needs more water to grow and some plants needs very less water. Excess water is not good and it can kill your plants. So make sure your plants getting required amount of water.

You will also need to do re-potting after 4-6 moths time for better growth and long life of your plants.

9. Conclusion :

I hope the information in this article will help you arrange your indoor garden properly and it will make your house look more beautiful. If you like this article please share it with your friends. I wish you all the best to your indoor garden project.

Thank you !

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