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Today I have selected a very important topic to discuss with you. In this article I will explain about the single and double door designs, importance of doors and how it can enhance and transform the look of your house. 

Doors are very important part of your home decoration project, so it is very important to give proper attention to the selection of door designs. Single and double doors are widely used by many home owners. In this article we will cover following very important points about the door designs.

1. Importance of doors

2. Which doors are better single or double ?

3. Materials used to make doors

4. Why Single doors are more popular ?

5. How to care for doors

6. Cost of the doors

7. Conclusion

1. Importance of doors :

Doors are the integral part of our house and they plays an important role in the look of the house. Doors are very important for the security purpose, they will protect your valuable property when you are away from your home. Doors will enhance the look of your house.

2. Which doors are better single or double ?

Selection of the door can be confusing, because in the market there are various types and styles of doors are available. The commonly used doors are single doors and the double doors. Now the single doors are more popular and convenient than the traditional double doors. Double doors need two pieces of doors and difficult to use and some times they don't lock equally as compared to single doors. Single doors are easy to operate and space saving. 

The ideal location for double doors is the main entrance because at the entry you will need more wider space. 

3. Materials used to make doors :

Modern doors are made up of wide range of materials such as wood, laminate, aluminium, glass, these are the most common material used to make doors.

Wooden Doors: Wooden doors look more traditional and beautiful. Some times the wooden doors are hand crafted and designed, so they are more expensive compared to other doors made by suing machines. 

Laminate Doors: Now a days laminate doors are getting much popularity because the style and finishing. They look eye catching, beautiful and attractive. The laminate doors are available in wide range of designs and color, even you can customize the design of your own laminate doors.

Aluminium Doors
: The aluminium doors are also very popular and installed by the many home owners. Aluminium doors are very light weight, strong and durable. Aluminium is corrosion resistant so it will perform better in different weather conditions.

Glass Doors : The glass doors look very attractive and modern, but these are expensive doors and difficult to maintain. Glass doors have short life span because of it's fragile properties. They can break easily and cost lots of money to replace. Glass doors are good for office purpose. 

4. Why Single doors are more popular ?

Now if we look at why single doors are more popular than the double doors. Single doors are easy to operate, space saving and looks much better in style compared to the double doors. If we look at the safety standards single doors are much more safer than the double doors. Also single doors are easy to install compared to the double doors.

5. How to care for doors ?

Taking care of your doors is very important for the long term performance. Make sure that your doors are not developing any cracks, this can happen when you have installed wooden and laminate doors. If you see cracks, you will need to fill with proper sealant. 

If your doors are exposed to the weather conditions then you need to paint it properly to avoid any rust because of the moisture and water.

6. Cost of the doors

The cost of the doors is completely depends on it's material and design. The average cost of the doors is in the range of US$ 70 - 1000, this also depends on the county you are living, so it's hard to say accurate price.

7. Conclusion :

I hope this article will help you to understand the difference between the single and double doors. Now you will be able to make decision whether double doors are better or single doors. If you like this article then please share it with your friends. 

I will look forward to meet you on the next important topic in the home decoration ideas.

Thank you for your visit, I wish you all the best and good luck to your next project.

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