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Welcome to Shilps's Home Decor Ideas. We are always trying our best to bring you the most important topic for your home renovation project. Today I have an important topic to discuss which is outdoor tiles designs. Outdoor tiles are very important part of your home decoration. These tiles certainly enhance the look of your house. Also they serve many other important benefits for daily life.

If the tiles chosen properly they can look stunning and eye catching. In the market you will see there are wide range of outdoor tiles are easily available. Outdoor tiles are cheap compared to the other indoor tiles. Outdoor tiles are built strong to handle extra weight. 

In this blog will discuss about the following important topics.

1. Importance of Outdoor tiles

2. Which tiles is the best for outdoor

3. Quality of the tiles

4. Color of the tiles

5. Life of Outdoor tiles

6. Price of outdoor tiles

7. Types of Outdoor tiles

1. Importance of Outdoor tiles :

There are many important benefits of having outdoor tiles. The first thing is they will completely transform the look of your property. During the rainy season you will not get any muddy feeling and this place can be used for outdoor fun activities. So there are unlimited benefits of having outdoor tiles.

2. Which tiles is the best for outdoor :

This is an important point, as you know there are wide range of tiles are available in the market for outdoor use, this can confuse buyers for selecting tiles. Based on my knowledge I will suggest you to go with porcelain tiles, because porcelain tiles are very strong, durable and long lasting. They can withstand to the harsh weather conditions. They can tolerate bot hot and cold climate conditions. Also porcelain tiles are waterproof and they have low water absorption properties. 

3. Quality of the tiles

Now the third very important point while selecting outdoor tiles is the quality. Quality of the outdoor tiles is very important, they must be strong enough, durable and should handle different weather conditions. While selecting the tiles please make sure that they are thick enough to bare extra load, because you are going to park your car in this area. So the thickness ( 20 mm ) of outdoor tiles is highly important. If you select low quality tiles which are thin, then there will be many issues in short time, thin tiles will break easily. The surface under the tiles must be strong and flat, even if you buy good quality tiles and the ground is not leveled properly or not strong then your tiles will bend and the surface will unequal. 

4. Color of the tiles :

Outdoor tiles comes with wide range of color, the most common color for outdoor tiles is brown, gray, black, off-white. You can choose any color that you like the most. 

5. Life of Outdoor tiles :

Outdoor tiles and last long for decades. The life of outdoor tiles is depends on the quality of the tiles and how they installed. If the tiles are not installed properly or low quality then they have short life time. Also you will need to take care of outdoor tiles when needed. 

6. Price of outdoor tiles :

The price of outdoor tiles is depends on it's quality and the brand name. Outdoor tiles are cheap compared to the indoor tiles. The current average market price for outdoor tiles is around Rs. 500 - 700 / sqft including the material and labor cost.

7. Types of Outdoor tiles :

There are various types of tiles available in the market. The most commonly used tiles are

A. Porcelain Tiles: Porcelain tiles is a very good choice they are strong, durable and can tolerate different weather conditions including ward and cold climate. These tiles are waterproof and have low water absorption properties. These tiles come with wide range of color options for the buyers.

B. Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic tiles are more classic, smooth and affordable. These tiles are perfect for many outdoor projects, such as patio, swimming pool area. 

C. Granite Tiles: Granite tiles are one of the most strongest and durable tiles stone tiles. But these are more expensive tiles. 

So the above three types of tiles are most commonly used.


I hope the information in this blog will help you to select the best outdoor tiles for your home decoration project. If you like this information then please share it with your friends. I wish you all the best and good luck ! I hope to see you again.

Thank you !

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