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Welcome to Shilpa's Home Decor Ideas. Today we are going to talk about the interior staircase designs, this is an very important topic in terms of your home design and look. Staircase styles plays an important role in the architectural design and look of your house. So it is highly important to design your interior staircase properly so it will be impressive and look good for many years ahead.

There are wide range of staircase designs you can choose from, depending on the space available. Also so many options are available to build staircase. Some of the staircase you can build permanently and some for short use or replaceable depending on your choice.

I hope this topic will provide you some of the very important information and basic knowledge to design your staircase. 

In this topic we will cover following important topics..

1. Types of Staircase Designs

2. Which Staircase Design is most cheap

3. What is the alternative for Staircase design

4. Types of material used to make staircase

5. Conclusion

1. Types of Staircase Designs :

First let's see some of the most common stairs designs. You can choose the ideal design as per you need and which will perfectly fit to your house space.

a. Straight Staircase: This type of staircase design is the most common and widely used by the architectures. The staircase goes straight and parallel to the side wall. This staircase design is simple and easy to build.

b. L-Shaped design: The second most common design is the L-shaped staircase design. This type of design is used when you have narrow space. It is divided into two sections, once it reaches to the half way it will take 90° degree angle to either left or right side depends on your design. L-shaped design will look more attractive compared to the straight staircase design.


c. Winder Staircase: The third most common staircase design is the winder staircase. This designs is also widely used by the architectures to fit in a very narrow space. Like the L-shaped design, this design also takes left or right turn depending on your design and they don't have landing support at the middle. This is narrow space design, not ideal for the house. But this is very good option for the apartment buildings.

d. U-Shaped designs: The U-Shaped staircase design is also very popular and widely used by many owners. Like similar to the winder staircase design these will take left or right turn at halfway and they also don't need base support at the halfway landing.

e. Spiral Designs: The spiral staircase design is also very popular and widely used by the home owners. This design is an master class if engineering to adjust in a very narrow space. This design will go straight in the air from the ground to the landing area. This type of staircase design is not ideal if you have to carry some extra weight. It's hard to climb straight with heavy weight.

f. Curved Staircase design: Now let's talk about the curved staircase design, this type of staircase design is very attractive and stylish. This design will definitely make your house look stunning, modern and more attractive. This type of design is slight costly compared to other staircase designs because of it's style and needs skills to build it properly.

So these are the top 6 staircase designs that you will see and commonly used in modern construction. You can choose the most ideal design as per your choice and need.

2. Which Staircase Design is most cheap :

Now if we talk about the cost to build above staircase designs. Certainly there is lots of price difference and it's hard to tell the most accurate cost. Because it depends on the quality of the material used and the complication of the design. The cheapest design is the spiral staircase and the straight design. Because these are easy to build.

3. What is the alternative for Staircase design :

Now let's see what is the alternative for the staircase design. As you get older and then it becomes difficult for you to walk upstairs. Our engineers have developed a new idea to help people enjoy their staircase without harming their knees. This idea is called "A Wheel Chair Ramp " This technique is becoming very popular in cities and used by many home owners.

It is very convenient and easy to use. The rider has to sit in the chair, secure with the belt and then push the on button, this will take you to the landing spot and again rider can use this for return journey.

4. Types of material used to make staircase :

Now if we look at the types of materials used to build staircase you will find that concrete is the most common material. Then iron, steel and wood is also used widely. Now a days people also using high quality durable and crack resistant glass to make staircase, glass staircase designs look very modern and highly attractive compared to all other staircase designs. You can use these material depending on your requirement. If you build your staircase with concrete then it's hard to change later. But if you use iron, steel or wood you can easily change the design when you need.


I hope that we have covered some of the basic and valuable tips in this topic to help you understand about the interior staircase designs for your house plan. I hope this topic will help you to choose the best staircase design for your lovely house.

I wish you all the best and good luck to your home design and decoration project. If you like this topic then please share it with your friends. I hope to see you soon and discuss about the next important topic on home decoration.

Thank You !

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