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Welcome to Shilpa's Home Decor Ideas. Today I have brought an important topic to share and discuss with you. We are going to talk about ceiling color combinations. This is short topic but very important one, we have seen that lots of people ignore or doesn't pay attention to the ceiling color. Ceiling color plays an important role in the interior look of your house. 

I hope this topic will help you to understand the importance of the ceiling color and will help you to select the proper ceiling color which will enhance the look for your house.

In this topic we will discuss about the following points

1. Why ceiling color is important

2. Which are the best colors for ceiling

3. Which color makes ceiling look higher

4. Alternative for ceiling color

1. Why ceiling color is important :

As we pay attention to the wall color similar to that ceiling is also a part of your room and it is considered as fifth wall of the room. So it is important to paint ceiling with proper color so the interior will look more beautiful and attractive. 

2. Which are the best colors for ceiling :

For many years home owners have selected white color as the best choice for ceiling. But there are few drawbacks to select white color, the smoke from the kitchen and other oil stains will deposit onto the white color and it will not look in very short time. So to tackle this problem you can use any other low shade color like, gray, light yellow or light brown.

3. Which color makes ceiling look higher :

Again the white color is the most dominant and widely used for ceiling. This is a ideal choice for all other ceilings in your house, but certainly not a good selection for kitchen area. You can use any other color in your kitchen area instead of the plain white color.

The white color will make your ceilings look higher, it will also make your house look more brighter and spacious. 

4. Alternative for ceiling color :

In the modern time there are many alternative designs and decoration options are available in the market such as false ceiling, we will discuss in more details on this topic later in an separate blog.


I hope this topic has provides you the basic and necessary information to understand the importance of the ceiling color in your house. I have provided few additional pictures of the different ceiling color options. If you like this topic then please share it with your friends.

I wish you all the best to your home decoration project. I hope to see you soon on next blog.

Thank you !

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