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Welcome to "Shilpa's Home Decor Ideas" with yet another important topic in home decoration project. We are always trying our best to provide you important information on home decoration. Today we are going to discuss about the exterior wall tiles designs. Exterior wall tiles are getting lot's of popularity because of their look and designs your house will look absolutely stunning, beautiful and attractive. The most important benefit of exterior tiles is that you don't need to paint your walls again. Once you installed the tiles onto the wall they will stay there for many years. Exterior tiles are available in many designs and shapes as per your need. 

So if you are doing renovation or installing wall tiles then it's a good idea for long term benefits. 

In this topic we will discuss about the following important topics

1. Importance of exterior wall tiles

2. Outdoor tiles designs

3. How to install outdoor tiles

4. What type of wall tile is the best

5. Price of outdoor tiles

6. How to care for exterior tiles

7. Conclusion

1. Importance of outdoor wall tiles :

First now let's see the importance of outdoor tiles. Outdoor tiles serve some of the very important benefits such as they will enhance the look and beauty of your house. Second thing they will last long for many years and the most important, you don't need to paint your wall once the wall tiles are installed. They are very easy to clean, all you need to is just spray some water and they will look new again. 

Wall tiles are water resistant, so they will protect your house wall from moisture and cracks. These are are the some of the most important benefits of the exterior wall tiles.

2. Outdoor tiles designs :

Outdoor tiles come with wide range of designs, textures, shapes and sizes. The selection is unlimited as you will see so many options available in the current market. It's just a matter of which color and design you like the most. Please make sure that wall tiles are not to bright, because they will reflect lights more.

3. How to install outdoor tiles :

Wall tiles installations is more complicated than the floor tiles installation and requires skilled and experience person to get it done properly. You will need to hire a professional person to install your wall tiles. To install wall tiles they will use a special epoxy material or a special cement which binds tiles to the wall surface. Please make sure that the binding material is good quality, otherwise your wall tiles will come out after some time.

4. What type of wall tile is the best :

There are various types of wall tiles available in the market. The best wall tiles are ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are strong, durable, long lasting and can adjust to various weather conditions. Ceramic tiles can tolerate both warm and cold weather. So ceramic tiles is a better option for the wall tiles.

5. Price of outdoor tiles :

Now the most important point is the price of the wall tiles. Wall tiles have different price range depending on the material they made up of and the brand name. While selecting the wall tiles please make sure that you have done price verification by visiting to the few sellers. Another best way to get tiles at cheap by ordering directly from the factory. This way you can save lot of money by removing seller's cost.

6. How to care for exterior tiles :

It is highly important to care for your exterior wall tiles. First thing is you have to clean these tiles regularly at least once in two weeks with the water to remove dust and stains. If you see any tile is getting loose, it's better to fit it immediately. If you see any tile developing crack then replace it with spare tile. These are are the important point that you have to keep an eye on your exterior wall tiles.

Conclusion :

I hope the information provided in this topic about the exterior wall tiles and their importance will help you to make the proper decision for your outdoor tiles. If you like this topic then please share it with your friends. I wish you all the best and looking forward to meet you on next important topic in home decoration.

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