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Today I have brought you the most important topic in the home decoration section. I am going to discuss about the interior color ideas for your house. This is really a very hot and extremely important topic to discuss with you. I am sure you are looking to select best color combinations for your newly built house, because you and your lovely family is going to stay in the house for many years.

Selection of a proper color scheme or pattern is highly important, because it will enhance the look of your house and also it present your personality. Colors are associated with our mood, they can easily boost our mood and give us some extra energy to stay fresh and do something new in our daily life.

So select the color scheme which you likes the most, so you will feel happy and fresh when you enter your house.

In this topic I am going to discuss about the color combinations, how each color can affect your mood. I request you to read this blog carefully so that you will not miss any important advice which will be important for your interior color project.

Which Colors are best for your interior walls

First lets see some of the best and most commonly used interior colors for house walls. Gray, white, yellow, brown, navy blue, orange these are the most widely used interior colors by the home owners.

These colors can be used with the combinations of each other. I will suggest you to go for two color combinations. If you go for more than two color scheme then it will not look attractive. If you like three color combinations then you can look for geometric color patterns, which are ideal for three color scheme.

Coloring your house can be expensive, so my suggestion is to take your time and select the best color combination that you likes the most. Because later if you don't like the color scheme which you have selected then it will be costly and time consuming process. 

Before painting the entire wall, you must try the color scheme in a small area of the wall, so see how it looks to your eyes. Once you like it then you can proceed and paint rest of the wall.

2 Color Combinations Tips

Here I have provided two color combinations that are common and widely used by the home owners.

1. Royal blue & Peach

2. Blue & Pink

3. Charcoal & Yellow

4. Lime green & Electric blue

5. Red & Yellow

6. Lavender & Teal

7. Cherry red & Off-white

8. Baby blue & White

3 Color Combinations Tips :

Here I have provided the three colors pattern which will look better.

1. Yellow, Red and Blue

2. Green Orange and Purple

3. Teal, Magenta and Gold

4. Brown, White and Black

5. Grey, White and Black

Which Color Will Make your house look bigger :

If you using the dark color scheme, this will make your house look smaller. White is the best choice if you want to make your space look bigger. Also you can use other light shade colors such as grey and yellow.

Which Color Make your house look expensive :

Light airy neutral color will make your house look expensive, bright and shiny. You can choose white, beige, cream and off-white colors.  

Which Color can affect your mood :

This is a very important topic, you might not know that colors can change our mood. Human brain is associates with warm colors such as red, orange and yellow. Orange is associated with bold and strong personality. While the blue, green and purple have calm and comfort feelings.

So must choose color scheme wisely, so it will always keep you in a happy and fresh mood.

Conclusion :

In this blog I have discussed about the interior colors and their ideal combinations. I hope this information will help you to select the best color scheme for your house. If you like this topic then please share it with your friends. 

I wish you all the best and good luck for your coloring project. See you soon again !

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