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I welcome you to my channel. The true aim of "Shilpa's Home Decor Ideas" is to help viewers get the basic and very important information for their home decoration through this platform. Today I have brought you a very important topic to discuss with you that is floor tiles designs. We have seen many people choose low quality floor tiles by mistake or lack of proper knowledge and as a result of it there they loose lot of money and have to reinstall new tiles.

Tiles selection is an extremely important, because it will enhance the look of your house. So while selecting the tiles make sure that you have gathered basic information, where to buy and the price. Before making the payment please make sure that you have done some cross verification for pricing so later you won't feel that you paid more than the market price.

Also if you are thinking of removing the current tiles and installing new tiles, then this topic will certainly hep you.

The important topics which will cover in this topic are ..

1. Types of floor tiles

2. Quality of tiles

3. Materials used to make tiles

4. Colors of tiles

5. Shapes of floor tiles

6. How to install tiles

7. Price of tiles

 1. Types of Floor Tiles :

Now let's start with our first topic. In the market there are various types of tiles are available such as ceramic tiles, natural stone tiles, glass tiles, clay tiles and porcelain tiles. Because of the so many options it becomes very confusing for the buyers to select proper tiles.

Now the key point while selecting the floor tiles is that you need to focus on it's quality, thickness, look and the most important is durability. Please make sure that the tiles which you are going to pay are strong, thick enough to hold the weight for long time. If the tiles are thin or low quality then they can easily get cracks, which will cost you lot of money for repair later.

2. Quality of tiles :

As I mentioned above the quality and durability of the tiles is highly important for their future performance. Please make sure that the tiles which you are going to select are strong and made of good quality material. The simple idea to check the tiles quality is to check the bottom side to make sure that there are no cracks, which is not an good sign for the tiles. 

The factors which determines the tiles quality are how it's made and the type of material used.

Low quality tiles are cheap and sold in the market more than the best quality tiles. Because the seller tries to make more profit by selling low quality tiles rather than the best quality tiles. You need to be more clever or take some help from an expert in that area.

3. Materials used to make tiles :

There are various types of materials used to make modern tiles. The most common material is ceramic, cement, glass, sand, clay and stone crush. All these materials have their own properties and qualities. Manufacturers are using glass for the top later of the tiles to give it a glossy look, which will make your floor shine and reflect more light in the room. Make sure that your tiles are not very slippery, because while cleaning any one can fall easily and as a result a serious injury can happen. So make sure that tiles which you are selecting are anti slip properties. 

4. Colors of tiles :

Now the fourth important topic is the color of the tiles. Choosing the proper color of your tiles is very important because tiles has a huge effect on the interior look of your house. Your tiles should match to your interior color scheme. If the tiles color selection goes wrong then entire house can look unprofessional. So my advice is to consult one of the professional home decor in your area, because it's worth taking one visit before you spend lot of money.

Modern tiles comes in various colors, make sure you choose dark color tiles such as dark gray. If you choose white color tiles they are hard to clean and get's dirty very easily and shows dust particles clearly.

5. Shapes of floor tiles :

Floor tiles come in various shapes such as square tiles, rectangle tiles, hexagonal tiles and round tiles. These are the most common shapes of the tiles which you will see and available in the market. While selecting floor tiles make sure that they are not to small or not to large. Large tiles gets cracks easily compared to medium size tiles.

6. How to install tiles :

How to install tiles is a very important knowledge. If the tiles installation is not done properly then your project will fail completely and will cost you lots of money. Please make sure that tiles are installed by the experienced person or under the supervision of the skilled person.

Before installing tiles make sure that the surface under the tiles is not soft, because later tiles will start to sink and your floor will be unequal. So avoid this you can as tiles installer to press the floor with the help of a pressing machine and then pour 2 inch of concrete layer, so it will help your tiles to hold wait and stay flat. 

Another very important point while installing tiles is that you must leave few cm gap between the two tiles and fill this gap with the proper cement. The important reason to do this, because in summer when the weather gets hot your tiles can expand or shrink during the winter time. So if you don't leave few cm gap between the tiles then they can get cracks easily.

I hope this above tips will help you to understand some of the basic points while installing tiles.

7. Price of tiles :

Now the final and very important topic is the price of the tiles. In the market there are wide range of tiles are available to choose with various price range. The price of the tiles is completely depends on it's material and the manufacturer. Some well known manufactures can charge high price because of their brand name or same quality tiles you can find with another supplier at cheaper rate. So make sure that you so your own checking and don't make decision in rush.

As I said above low quality tiles are more available in the market as sellers try to sell low quality tiles and make more profit. So as a buyer you have to make your own judgement before you buy tiles.

Conclusion :

The true aim of the blog is to help viewers get the basic information that they need to select the proper floor tiles for their house. If you like this topic then please share it with your friends. I wish you all the best and good luck to your project.

I hope to see you soon !

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